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Chief Owoso's Hand

July 2000

We've moved into a house awhile ago, and the owners told us that it was built on the Chief Owoso's grave. Not believing in spirits or ghosts, we just nodded and laughed as they drove away.

We moved into the house without any problem, and we started unpacking. For one, its always cold either in the basement, which has a heater in it ever since we've been in the house because we turned it into a pool room. Not knowing of the cold spots or whatever they are called, I just merely thought there was some small hole in the concrete somewhere. Though soon after, certain incidents started to happen.

In the kitchen, there would be a tapping sound on the wall on which the living room is beside. I would go check on it, and no one was to be found. Then shadows started appearing in the basement and the upstairs hallway of a man which nearly scared my mother to hysterics. I then started seeing things out of the corner of my eye, and when I went to turn my head to look at whatever it was that was there before, there turned out to be nothing. Later, after we started getting used to this, things started moving. I constantly take aleve for my back, but one time, I placed the aleve bottle in the center of the kitchen table and went to go get a glass of water to take with the pills, I heard a thunk against the wall, and when I went to investigate the sound, the aleve bottle had been opened, and the pills were all over the floor by the wall. I later had a friend of mine who had claimed to see and sense spirits come over and tell us what she could pick up. She found nothing at first, and then when she went upstairs, she was assaulted by a force that pushed her into the bathroom door and held her there for a couple of seconds. She kept screaming, and when I ran upstairs to check on her, the force let go, and she nearly fainted.

Later that day, when she was ready for more, she ventured down into basement. When she got near the basement door that leads outside to our backyard, she started hearing chanting of some sort. She said it was coming from beneath our basement staircase. I started to talk, and then suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder and turned around, half scared out of my mind by now, and saw, to my dismay, there was no one there. I immediately called off the whole ghost thing and went and lived with a friend for a couple of days.

Upon my return, I found my basement door open, which I had locked on my rapid leaving. I went downstairs reluctantly and found all my boxes littering the floor and a little scarf my brother had given me with a raven in the middle in the midst of a clearing of garbage. I had my friend come over again, and I asked if there was anything she could do to help me get rid of this spirit or whatever it was. She told me she could, but the only way I could make it stop or at least calm down was to talk to it. So I did, though I have to admit I felt rather foolish talking to something that isn't there. I told whatever it was to please stop being so violent, that I was only here to live and didn't mean it as an intrusion. When I apologized for being rather quick to move in, the hallway light turned on, and we all felt a feeling of almost forgiving happiness. Ever since then, only small things have happened. Like for one, my mother's dogs do not travel down to the basement, and if forced, they grow almost frightened witlessly and beg to be let upstairs. For the hallway, we all still see the spirit, and once, I did see the shadow or spirit wholly, but when I called out to it saying hello, it looked at my bedroom door and vanished.

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