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Childhood Hell

Terri, UK
September 2006

My parents had decided to move house when I was about two years old and my little sister was about a year old. The house was about five years old when we moved in.

My sister and I had separate bedrooms along with my parents bedroom which was upstairs as it was a two storey house. The layout of the house is as follows as it is important to my story:

When you walked into the house through the front door you came to the hallway where the stairs were that lead to the upstairs bedrooms and bathroom. When you walked upstairs and onto the landing you came face to face with my bedroom with the bathroom to the left. Next to my bedroom on the right was a cupboard and then next door to that were my parents' room and then my sister's room. My parents and sisters rooms faced the front garden while my room and the bathroom faced the back garden.
My parents had told me that after a few months of living there I woke up during the night and started to scream a blood curling scream. They woke up thinking I was being harmed or that I had fallen out of bed and hurt myself. When they walked into the room I was crying and pointing to a space in my room and saying that I wanted my sister in with me. My parents told me that they would move her in the next day. I then started to scream saying the bad man would get me unless my sister was with me, so that night they moved my sister in cot and all, my poor parents!

All was quiet for a couple of years apart from the odd noises now and again, from which my parents would say that it was the house just settling for the night, I was happy with this has I was only five years old and it seemed normal to me. My sister was still sharing a room with me has I had developed a fear of the dark, from which 15 years later I still have.

My sister at the time was about four years old. My mum put us to bed sometime during the winter season, as it was dark when we went to bed. So we went to sleep and sometime during the night I woke up and had an urge to look outside the window. So I climbed on my bed and pulled the curtains apart and looked outside. What I saw has stayed in my mind as well as my sisters.

I saw a face there of a man with a top hat, with long hair and a beard with the most evil looking eyes I have ever seen. He was sniggering at me and talking to me from which I couldn't hear and then he started to laugh which I heard. I broke away from the gaze or spell that the man had me under and I screamed and screamed. My screaming woke up my sister and she saw what I was looking at and she started to scream as well. My mother having heard us scream rushed up the stairs to see who was harming her children, but of course by then the mans face was gone.

My mum had said that it was Jack Frost paying us a visit we didn't believe her as he was supposed to be nice.
My mum was then called to the school about our stories of Jack Frost to see if they were true because of the man we were describing. That was the beginning of what was to come.

From the moment my sister and myself saw the face, we would both hear footsteps going around my bed. This scared me so much that every night I would hide underneath my covers till the footsteps had stopped. My toys would go missing and clothes too, which we would find later in a totally different place to where we had last put it.

I had this stuffed toy that some one had brought me when it was my birthday and when you squeezed it it would sing "old MacDonald had a farm." Being a tomboy and not really liking the toy I ripped out the wires and batteries because it gave me the creeps. So it was placed on my dresser that was near my bed and my sister's bed. I walked in the bedroom during the daytime ? mind you nothing happened in that room during the daytime up till then and I felt safe going in there during the daytime. I remember wanting a toy but I couldn't find it and was searching for it and I was looking in my chest of draws and the stuffed toy suddenly began to sing "old MacDonald had a farm," well for a 7 year old I high tailed it out of there.
I must say that neither I nor my sister knew anything about ghosts has my mum was strict on us and we didn't understand it.

I remember one night coming up for air under the covers and looking at the window that was above the doorway to see a small white light slowly going to the attic door and I wondered what it was, it was a circular shape and it almost had me hypnotised and scared at the same time. I later found that this light I saw could have been an orb. My sister and I were scared of going up the stairs by ourselves and every time it was dark one of us would have to go to the bathroom and we would take the other to sit on the stairs while the other would do their business. When it was my time to go, which I absolutely dreaded, my sister would tiptoe down the stairs and turn of the light when she heard the chain flush, because the light switch was downstairs. I would quickly run down the stairs in the dark crying because I could hear the footsteps starting up from the landing. And my sister was taller than me and I couldn't reach the light switch and my sister would hold the door from the other side so I couldn't get into the living room. My sister wouldn't let me in till the footsteps reached the last step of the stairs and by this time I would be hysterical and my sister would let me in and wonder why I would be crying until it was her time to go.

Then everything went quiet for a few years, though my mum did say to us when we were older that during the night she would hear someone walk from our room down the stairs and then it would stop, this would be every night, and every night my mum and dad investigated the stairs to find nothing.

I was born with a hip condition which needed operations to correct the problem. I had my first operation when I was 10 years old. I was on crutches for months and I couldn't walk, just hop. When I came back from the hospital I did my bed rest in the living room I didn't want to do it in my bedroom!

One night I had gotten into bed, my crutches were near my bedroom door away from my bed. I woke up during the night to feel that someone was on my bad leg actually walking along it which really hurt; I can't remember how I fell asleep after I felt that happen. I think I must have passed out through the pain or waited for it to stop.

The next morning I woke up and remembered what had happened the night before and looked down at my leg and the leg was covered in fresh new bruises which weren't there the night before because my leg was healing and I had little bruising due to my excellent consultant. I showed my mum my leg and she wondered how I had received those bruises so I told her, but she tried to reassure me that it was a dream, if it was how did I get the bruises? As the bruises were like foot prints?

I was about eleven when I wanted my own room back ? goodness knows why, I guess I wanted my own space. I had read somewhere in a magazine a pre teen magazine that if your house was haunted, that one way to get rid of the ghost was to re arrange your bedroom. Being young and naive I thought that this would work. At this age I had found out what was happening in my bedroom, even though I was still scared I wanted to get rid of it, which seemed to make "it" angry.

Well my sister also wanted her space and so she got her old bedroom back and our bedrooms were re decorated and mine was re arranged with new furniture.

My bedroom was near the wall so my bed was facing the window. My dad had made a desk to put my television and play station and that was at the end of my bed, my wardrobe was in the corner of my bedroom, near to my curtains. I also had a chair with the desk that used to click when someone sat down on it and it never clicked when no one was sitting on it. My dad said the clicking was due to the weight of the person sitting on it.

All was quiet for a couple of weeks and I thought that I had gotten rid of it. By this time my mum had to call a vicar to bless the house, she did this a couple of times, she didn't tell us why it was getting blessed, I guess not to scare us. My mum to this day won't tell us why she got the house blessed and I don't want to push her.

I decided because I was going through a phase of being grown up and wanting to get rid of my fear of the dark I decided that I would have my bedroom door closed. Well this seemed to have drawn the spirit back and as soon as I closed the door it started up again. But it seemed angry at me and things began to get crazier in my room. My parents had started to let my two cats roam the house at night time has they used to be in the living room and kitchen and they weren't kittens anymore and not as naughty as they were. I began to notice that my two cats would not go into my room at night when it was dark and being scared I wanted my cats to be there with me (I didn't know that animals were sensitive at that time). My cats were the cutest and friendliest cats I have ever known and would not hurt a fly or a person. But when you put my cats into that room they became like wild cats, they would hiss, scratch and yell to get out of there if the door was closed, if the door was open they would run very fast with their hair sticking up all the way downstairs. But at around 5 o'clock in the morning my two cats would come back into my room and sit down on my bed and sleep next to me and be back to normal, they would come into my room every morning at the exact time, they would never come in before that.

One time I woke up in the morning and I discovered three scratch marks on my ankle and they were deep marks as well. I know that I didn't make these marks myself has my fingernails were always kept short because I didn't like them long ? I still don't and two because they were deep marks, blood would have been on my fingers or on my bed covers which none was present. The marks were not jagged but a clean straight cut, I showed my mum who by now knew what was going on and she said they were too clean for me to do them myself and looked like it had been done with a knife.

For a while afterwards I moved into my sister's bedroom because my mum did not think it would be safe for me to sleep in there and she would keep that door closed till I decided that I wanted to sleep there again, though I don't know why! I guess because I wanted my bedroom back or maybe I was young and naive and I did not know how to handle the situation. I moved back in there and all was quiet for about a month so I had thought and hoped that it was gone. I was now around 13 years old.

I liked to watch television and would watch it in bed ignoring the footsteps that would surround me, I was still scared but I didn't show it. I decided to go to sleep and I put my hand held mirror next to my PlayStation away from my bed, and my PlayStation controller was behind the actual PlayStation console so there was no way it could move by itself. Anyways I went to sleep and was awoken up during the night by a weird banging sound, and it kept banging, having been woken up and wondering where the sound was coming from. I peered over to the end of the bed where my desk was and I saw as my eyes adjusted to the darkness that my mirror was in a different place to where I had placed it. I got really scared and quickly said the Lord's Prayer to make it stop; I got back under the covers and began to cry I was so scared. I then heard a big bang like something had fallen to the floor and I quickly got brave and looked out and saw that the PlayStation controller was on the floor which was impossible as it was behind the console and away from the edge of the desk. Needless to say I was petrified and stayed under my covers till morning.

A few months later before we moved house. I remember watching television and then going to bed because I was tired, I went to bed before anyone else in my house and was settling into my covers. I heard my chair starting to click, as I mentioned earlier the chair did not click unless someone had just sat on it. At first the clicks happened every couple of minutes every time I tried to fall asleep. The clicking then got worse so it was happening every 30 seconds, I counted, by this time I was hysterical as the chair was clicking like something was sitting down on it and getting back up of it at rapid speed. I was crying out loud telling it to stop while shouting for someone to come up the stairs and make it stop. After 10 minutes of this my sister came up the stairs and hearing me scream and hearing the clicks herself rushed my parents upstairs, they carried me of the bed as I was in a mess, the clicking stopped when they came upstairs. My dad tried to make the chair click again and he could not no one could. They told me to go to sleep and ignore it and then went downstairs. My chair clicked one more time so loud that my sister heard it too. That was the last thing to happen to me in that house because a month later we moved out.

Terri, UK
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