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Children's Ghosts

February 1997

Ilive in St. Louis, and there are many haunted places here, but I will tell of one that my mother, her friends and I experienced.

Two years ago, my mother took me to her friend's house for a get-together type of thing. We were all sitting in the kitchen talking when I heard giggling and what sounded like children running up and down the stairs. I was really freaked out because everyone else heard it too, and there were no children in the house. My mom and I were truly freaked out, but her friend acted calm. Apparently, this happens all the time there. Her house used to be an orphanage that burnt down. 10 children died in the fire. She led us to the stairs and we stood there amazed. We heard giggles and laughter and sounds of little feet running up and down the stairs but there was no one there. I've never had anything paranormal happen to me before. It was really scary but at the same time kind of amusing to think that the kids are still there.

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