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Chilling Theatre Ghost

January 2002

Hello! I'm writing this to tell you about my chilling yet interesting experience, and so I'll get right to it.

When I was about ten, (I'm now twelve) I belonged to this great theater group than renovated a huge, dark, scary theater by the name of "The Lighthouse Theater".

Since the owner of this acting academy was a good friend of my mother's, and she was my friend too, she kind of cared for me that summer along with my best friend.

We hung out at the theater all day, helped her direct plays, do costumes, and help around the theater in any way that we could. At the beginning of summer, she told me and my friend about this theater ghost, by the name of Maurice. (Please bear with me, because, I don't remember every exact detail, but I know the version in my mind is very similar to the real story.)

The story was that he was an aspiring actor, who had died a somewhat violent death during the last run of his play. He never got to finish a complete run, and that left his ghost with serious unfinished business. I know that this story is true, because, I have experienced many encounters with this ghost. I will tell you these encounters now.

One day, I was isolated from the rest of the people in the theater, and it was very dark in the theater. The stage is set up like one in a school auditorium, and off the side are many small rooms. Up from the lighting booth, I could see the light flickering on and off. This was pretty odd, because, I do remember a new light bulb being put in the day before. I had seen him too. I would be anywhere in the theater, and I could see glances of him out of the corner of my eye. Props would disappear and then come back a second later. You would hear footsteps, and some spots would be so much colder than places right next to them.

These were just the little things that frightened me though. They all led up to the big one.

During a rehearsal, I went down to a little room behind the stage to chat between scenes. To my surprise, no one was in the room. All of a sudden I felt a chilly presence beside me. It oddly felt like something was breathing on me. I turned around and smacked into a thin frail vision of a man with a black suit and top hat. He had a beard, and he was tall and thin. I gasped, and he disappeared. I don't think I ever went down into that room again. Never.

I know that my experience sounds fake, but it did happen. I promise you. I rarely speak of this occasion because every time that I tell it, my bones chill, and I have trouble sleeping at night.

It scared me really bad, and I'll never forget it.

Thank for reading and believing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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