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Christmas Eve Visit

Kansas, USA
September 1999

This is a true story. I still do not understand all of the implications that this incident might have.

I was a little girl of about 10 years old. My Great Grandmother, whom I adored, had just died of a massive stroke about six months previous to this incident. I missed her dreadfully and thought about her every day.

I was back in my Great Grandparents home, in Missouri... visiting my Great Grandfather between Christmas and New Year's time. My younger sister and I were sleeping in the antique bed in the corner of Grandmother's bedroom. It was the same bed that we always slept in when we were visiting. It was always a comfortable and comforting place to sleep.The only other person home was my mother. Everyone else had gone to church for a midnight mass, on Christmas Eve.

My sister and I were snuggled in our quilts, sound asleep, when I began to "dream" that my Great Grandmother was there in the room. She looked beautiful, and natural...except that she was sort of shimmering, like pale colored things sometimes do in the moonlight. She began to speak to me, and told me that she was lonely and wanted me to "come with her" to keep her company. I was crying because I loved her so much, and never wanted her to suffer any pain. I was beginning to reach out my hand and put it into her hand....When suddenly my sister awoke and began to scream. She also saw a being in the room, and me reaching out to it. But she did not recognize the being as Great Grandmother. To her it looked like an ugly corpse-like thing. Immediately I withdrew my hand and began to scream too!

My Mother heard us screaming and ran down the hall to investigate. But the being was gone as soon as my mother entered the room.

Mother tried to comfort us, but we were both very agitated. Later that week Mother said that she had stayed home from mass, because she had had a strong feeling that I was going to need medical care that night to prevent my death. And that she had wanted to be home to call the ambulance.

I don't know what might have happened if my sister had not screamed...if I had actually taken the hand of the being that night? My mother is convinced that I would have died. Although, I was actually fine after that...but very frightened!

I feel very strongly now that the being was not my Great Grandmother...but was using a child's grief to gain access to me. I wanted so badly to see Great Grandmother again! I am also very grateful that my mother listened to her intuition and stayed home that night.

Kansas, USA
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