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Christmas Lights

Paul, GA, USA
November 2019

I grew up on a small island off of the coast of Georgia. Both sides of my family have been residents on our island for nearly a century. My great grandfather was the last lighthouse keeper of the island lighthouse. My grandfather and great aunts and uncles all grew up in and around the lighthouse.

My grandfather retired after the Coast Guard officially took over lighthouse duties. He died in his 50's leaving my grandmother alone in their historical island home. I used to visit her very often. She used to paint and do arts and crafts. I loved going over to their old home and spending time with her. She was such a wonderful person.

My great grandmother has since passed away, and a very nice couple from Atlanta had purchased her home and remodeled it. My aunt had become very good friends with the couple, and she is the one who told me this story.

A couple of weeks before Christmas one year, the couple that had bought my great grandmother's house decided to go back to Atlanta to visit the kids and grand-kids. When they came back home after Christmas, they called my aunt and asked her if she had come over and checked on their house. My aunt replied "No. Why would you be asking?"..The woman replied that when they got home, they were putting some of their Christmas decorations back up in the attic, and they discovered several strings of white Christmas lights strung out in straight lines down the center walkway of the attic. My aunt dropped the phone and screamed...After my aunt regained her composure, the lady asked my aunt what was wrong.

My aunt replied, "every Christmas, I would come over and help Granny put out her Christmas decorations. One of the things I helped her do every year was to go up in the attic, take out the strands of Christmas lights, line them up down the walkway, and plug each one in to make sure all of the lights worked. Apparently, Granny took it upon herself to check your Christmas lights for you while you were gone."

My aunt swears that this is a true story, and the same couple had experienced a few other strange occurrences in the house after that.

Paul, GA, USA
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