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Church Spirit

Jessi Beckham, OH, USA
October 2010

I remember being told by my mom that the church up the street from me was haunted by evil spirits. But of course, I didn't believe her. More stories started going around about the abandoned church. The only reason I chose to believe it was because my boyfriend told me about it.

I decided to take some friends to the church with me, of course I had to bribe them into it. We decided to go on Halloween.

The church didn't look scary at all (not on the outside at least). The windows were scratched and some were broken. Shingles and siding lay on the ground in front of the doorsteps, making the building look hundreds of years old.

My closest friend, Sierra, was trembling miserably beside her snobby boyfriend, Jason, who of course was trying to act brave.

Beside me stood Rachael, Meghan, and Sebastian (they thought it was necessary to have guys...)

I walked into the church, ahead of everyone else. The inside was pitch black, my phone light the only illumination in the dark place.

Meghan stood behind me, whimpering and complaining about feeling a demonic aurora. I walked forward easily while the others hesitated 3 feet behind me.

The podium was slanted and molded after years of not being used. Flags of the churches services hung from the ceiling, torn down the middles. The church was easily identified as at the most 100 years old.

Meghan continued to whimper quietly beside Sebastian, who kept his arms tightly wrapped around her, ready to protect her from anything that posed a threat.

Suddenly, there was a loud crash behind us. We all jumped and turned around. The front door had slammed shut. Rachael, the only other non-believer, laughed at the others who trembled, as did I.

My phone buzzed in my hand, "my mom" I thought. But the number was restricted. I answered the phone. No one was there. "Hello?" I asked loudly. No answer. "Hello?!" I screamed into the phone. A loud demonic scream came through the other line. I covered my ears and threw the object to the ground. The line went dead.

Meghan was beginning to cry and I saw Sebastian's grip get tighter on her.

A loud scream came from Sierra and tears poured down her face. Jason pulled her away from the statue she stood by that she claimed had grabbed her shoulder.

Closet doors began slamming shut. Something was wet and hot on my arm. Blood. I gasp in horror and refrained from fainting. I looked forward and there stood the black shadow of a short woman in a long dress that appeared to be for a wedding.

The woman disappeared as quickly as she had appeared and the doors opened. Meghan screamed and ran out of the church, pulling Sebastian, Jason, and Sierra with her. Me and Rachael looked at each other. We frowned and swore never to speak of what happened again. We shook hands and ran out of the church.

I had never told of it until now. I'm shaking in fear just by writing this (I can see the church from my bedroom window right now).

Jessi Beckham, OH, USA
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