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Church Visitors

Eric, TX, USA
July 2000

I'm a 16 year old and I have always been open to the paranormal. This experience happened to me when I was about 10 or 11.

My Father was the pastor at a church in Petersburg. We were there at night to help my dad prepare for the next day. I was wandering around and started to get a weird feeling, as though other people were there. I eventually wandered to the pews and I got the feeling that other people were watching me. I looked into the pews and saw fuzzy white figures sitting in them. My mother and father were up on the podium when I told them about it. They of course didn't believe me but I know something was in the church that night but I never felt afraid, just felt they were curious about me.

The only other time it happened was at Ceta Canyon Camp. I was in the small chapel where the lights shine on one cross and form two others with shadows. I felt a presence in the room. I was homesick at the time, but when I went in there, I felt calm and peaceful. Sorry for the length, but I just wanted to tell others of my experience.

Eric, TX, USA
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