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Cigarette Smoking Visitor

Indiana, USA
December 2000

My dad has told me this story many times and he swears its true.

My dad went to the University of Oregon in college and he and his buddy had rented an apartment close to the campus. One night my dad noticed his friends light being on all night long and was suspicious. The next morning he walked into his friends room and asked his friend for an explanation on why his light was on. His friend told him that that night he was awakened by the strong smell of tobacco smoke enveloped in the room. Thinking it was a fire, he quickly turned on the light, but not to find a fire as he expected, but to see an old woman on his shoe trunk at the end of the bed. She was very old an ugly and was smoking a cigarette. He lay in bed as they stared each other for hours. He claims she looked as if she wanted to kill him. Finally he fell asleep from exhaustion.
My dad claims this man wasn't easily scared but when he walked in the room around 9.30 his friend was still shaking. He doesn't know what this was.

Indiana, USA
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