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Cipriano The Evil Saint

Krystel , QLD, Australia
February 2001

This true story was told to me by my mum.

In 1974, when my mum was just seventeen, she travelled to Portugal, (her home country) to stay with her uncle for a few months.

She was the type of teenager that loved horror movies, and after seeing 'The Exorcist,' she was curious about devils and evil things.

My mum had heard of this book written by Cipriano, a supposed evil Saint.
This book had spells, description of evil saints and devils, and other spooky things. Mum's uncle, (coming from a religious family) had told her that if a person who had a fear or believed in ghosts and other horrors, opened the book, something bad will happen. But of course my mum, the horror fanatic she is, just had to see the book.

So she went to a nearby library and decided to look for it. She found it,and noticed it was written entirely in Portuguese. So she opened it and read a few paragraphs and looked at the pictures. Mum told me that the book looked as if it was written by hand. After reading a few more pages she got scared, and wondered if what her uncle said was true. Just as she closed the book she heard a noise, it came from above her. (The library owners lived above the library and where friends with mums uncle).
Mum said it sounded like someone was moving all the furniture and walking heavily. She rushed back home and asked her uncle and aunt if the library owners where shifting, but they said the owners were out today.

Mum didn't know what to believe so she asked the library owners, and they said they were out and they had locked everything.

Mum was really scared now.

From that day, mum hasn't opened Saint Ciprianos Book.

Krystel , QLD, Australia
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