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City of the Dead

Dave, Scotland, UK
August 2006

A few years ago when I was 18. I was dating a girl from Edinburgh. Now this place has quite a lot of history so ghost tours are common but one stands out as being famous due to the fact that it has an extremely well documented case of a poltergeist called the Mackenzie Poltergeist. After having read the book written by the founder of the City Of The Dead tour I was really looking forward to going on it.

The tour starts off by taking you around Edinburgh and telling you stories of certain parts, but it all kicks off when they take you into a place called the covenanters prison. In this small cemetery is the Black Mausoleum where the poltergeist is. Many people have felt cold spots in this tomb and have left the tour only for cuts and welts to appear later. Part of the tour is for all of the participants to be locked in the tiny mausoleum for ten minutes. Now while I was in there I felt things touching me and heard scratching noises on the walls and ceiling of this sandstone tomb. While this wouldn't be uncommon, its what happened to me after I left that still scares me.
After enjoying the whole thing I left the graveyard to return home to the flat but as I was exiting the cemetery I felt something come with me, a heavy kind of feeling, as if there was something on my back but not physically. This continued all the way home which was quite a long walk. When we got there we were the only two in the house, save for the cats, or so we thought. It wasn't long before I felt something in the house with us, like the presence of a man standing in the kitchen. I'm quite sensitive to these things so I knew it wasn't my imagination.
Making my way towards the kitchen, carrying the cat because the girl wouldn't come with me, I stepped into the hall. Now the one thing you should know about this house is that its always like a furnace, but the cold spot in the hall actually took my breath away, it was freezing! I refused to go any further and went back to the bedroom to sit with the girl. The scary thing was that she isn't very sensitive to things like this but she described to me something she felt standing in the hall and it matched the description of the man I felt in the kitchen. This scared the utter hell out of me because what I felt was a tall man, with long greasy hair but I couldn't make out his face.
To this day I still have no idea what followed me home but I was terrified and I'd rather not find out.

Dave, Scotland, UK
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