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Civil War House

Ryo, Pennsylvania, USA
June 2001

I lived in an old two apartment house in the town of Callery at the end of Main Street. That house dates back to the Civil War and is in fact haunted by a Civil War Soldier who has been driven crazy with bloodlust it seems. Two events I can recall happening to me prove this to be true.

When I was a little kid, about the age of 5 or 6, I would always get cold at night because my mom was a Thermostat-Nazi. If anyone turned up the heat high she'd have a fit, so we kept it low. We were a poor family which is why we had to keep the heat down. But when the heat did come on, the furnace always woke me up and I'd take a cover off of my bed and walk out, sit on the heater, and wrap it around myself to have the heat cycle around my cold body under the blanket. One morning when I did this I tripped on something, an invisible protrusion from the wall, and I fell. My face landed next to the heater as it blew. Just then, it felt as something grabbed my head by the hair and yanked it over the heater, pressing my right cheek against the vent. The I felt what felt like an arm wrapping around my head, seemingly putting me in a headlock and holding me against that heater. I screamed and finally my mom came in and it was gone by then. My face had minor burns on it which never did scar very badly. I am 17 now and look back on that every time I see my scars.

Another event happened to me when my mom was in the basement washing clothes in our old rickety washing machine. The basement door leads downstairs from the kitchen. My sister was sitting and eating a bowl of cereal {it was in the morning that this happened}, and I had just woke up. I went to the open basement door as my sister sat on the opposite side of the room eating her cereal. I called down to my mother for something and she was about to respond when all of a sudden I felt an icy chill and two hands on my back as they forcefully shoved me down the stairs. My mom thought it was my sister but I swear my sister sat there and never moved an inch.

I am the only one these hauntings ever happened to. I think the Soldier that haunts that house had a fetish for torturing little kids or something, cause he sure never bothered anyone else. My mother and father thought I was a nut, but my sister believes me because she saw me literally get shoved down those stairs and knew that thanks to the common laws of physics there is no way I could have pulled something like that off myself. My sister and I don't get along very well, but we know a spirit was in there.

Later on a family moved in and their little kid has experienced some similar things. I returned to the house on a visit to the family at about the age of 14. I went into the basement for some unknown reason when I heard clacking around where our old washer still sits to this day. I felt an icy chill run down my back and then I saw it.....even in uniform! I could not make out many of the features, but it appeared to be an old confederate soldier {odd enough too, I mean Pennsylvania was a part of the North in the Civil War}. His face was contorted in rage as he snarled and wailed "YOU!" then disappeared. Ever since that family has lived in that house undisturbed by the supposedly 'banished' spirit. I don't know what I did to anger it so, or send it away, but it is for the best before anyone else could get hurt. I moved out of that house when I was 8 and hadn't seen or heard or encountered the ghost since I set foot in the house again at 14.

Ryo, Pennsylvania, USA
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