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Civil War Soldier

Summer Faaborg, Arizona, USA
February 1997

When I was younger my sister and I would sleep with the light on. On this particular night, we opted for sleeping on the hide-a-bed in the living room instead of our room. The TV was directly across from the bed which sat right next to my dads chair. I woke up in the middle of the night for some reason and sat up. When I sat up, I looked at the TV and saw something reflected in the screen. What I saw looked like a man sitting in my dads chair. I looked at the chair right next to me and saw nothing. I then turned my attention back to the TV for a better look. The man was twenty to thirty years old with dark, short hair and wearing a blue civil war uniform. He was holding a bayonet in his left hand sitting there as if he was posing for a picture. He didn't seem to notice me and I wasn't scared so I just went back to bed. Now you may be saying that I had imagined the whole thing after all, I had just woken up when I saw him. Or perhaps, I saw a distorted reflection in the TV. But what if I didn't?

Summer Faaborg, Arizona, USA
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