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Clay Bricks

Rashmi Sangtani, Maharashtra, India
May 2000

Well this isn't my experience but of my cousin (we'll call him V) who lives in Mumbai, India.

During my mother's brother's wedding my cousin had to sleep on the terrace as there were too many guests and there was no room for him.

At that time there were some Clay bricks kept there which started rolling down. V woke up to see what was exactly happening. There was no one and clay bricks cannot roll just like that. It was a windless hot night so they couldn't of been pushed down by the wind. At that time he started hearing some noises coming from the water tank which was kept on the terrace. V was quite freaked out and ran away from there.

This is another experience the next night.

Though V was quite scared he came up the next day to see that all the taps and things were fine there. He just caught sight of a soap with a finger print made by the night guard so he cleaned it out and made it plain. The next morning he saw some toe prints on the same soap kept there. Let me tell you that no one had gone there or slept on the terrace that night. V had locked it as he didn't want anyone to go there to sleep there.

This really freaked him out but he just told it to his cousins as they would believe him.

Thank You for reading my story.

Rashmi Sangtani, Maharashtra, India
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