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Clinking Crystal

Michigan, USA
January 1999

Ihad just moved into my new home, which is actually an old house built in 1923 in Birmingham Mi. In the home was an antique china cabinet. I would notice that my crystal would chime at night in the cabinet.

At first, I just ignored this, but after a month I would now be awakened in the middle of the night to clinking almost chiming ringing sounds from the china cabinet. Many nights I would awaken in terror thinking that someone was in my house and would sit shaking imagining that an intruder was about to enter my room.

After one very frightening night of being awakened again, the next day I gave the china cabinet away. I know that the china cabinet was worth a lot of money...I regret giving the cabinet away as it was so beautiful. Now I am wondering if the cabinet was trying to tell me something...I will never know.

I do know that my guest bedroom has a magical effect on my guests, they report that they have the most peaceful sleep that they have had in many years. All of my guests report this.

I rationalize that if I hear noises now that it is one of my 3 cats playing, late at night. Sometimes I do not open my eyes to see if all 3 are at the foot of my bed sleeping.

Michigan, USA
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