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Close to Death

Daniel, Texas, USA
May 2000

Ibelieve 100% in the supernatural. Without a doubt. This is one of the many reasons I do. SO I ask you to keep an open mind and picture this in your head.

When I was 13 we lived at my grandma's house. She was bed ridden suffering with emphysema and had to wear an oxygen mask alot of the time. One night I had this horrible dream that this black man in an black coat was trying to get to her. SO I would try and stop him. My grandma used to tell me that if something was too scary then to say "The blood of Jesus" and everything would be ok. So in my dream I would try to say it but when I would say "The blood" he would put his hand over my mouth so I couldn't speak. I woke up and ran to check on her and she was asleep.

A couple of weeks later my brother and my sister were walking down the hall and then came running into the living room really freaked out about something. They said they were walking along and saw a black man in a black coat standing in one of the bedrooms near my grandma's room. Shortly after maybe a couple of weeks she passed on.

Alot of the people I know have seen this very same man. He comes and he goes until it is time for someone to pass then he is gone. One night my stepdad woke up choking in his sleep. My Mom was hitting him on the back trying to get him to calm down. Finally, he calmed down and stopped choking. His acid Reflux disorder had almost got him. The next day my aunt called all freaked out saying that around 3am she was woken out of a dead sleep and at the foot of her bed was a man in a black coat with my step dad's face. The irony was it was around the same time he started choking...

If you don't believe now something one day will happen that will show you it is real. You can not ignore the supernatural because everyone has a date with it.

Daniel, Texas, USA
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