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Closet Spirit

Monica, Illinois, USA
April 1998

This story happened to my Husband. Since we've been married he has had quite a few experiences with stuff like this. But the one I am about to tell happened when he was young.

Mike lived in Kansas at the time and his family lived in a house on a hill. He shared a room in the basement with his older brother. By this time his brother was out most of the time so he was alone at night. He was about 9 or 10 when it happened. He noticed that in the mornings his closet door was always open. Every night he would close it and then it would be open the next day. So he thought maybe his brother would come home and get clothes out or something like that. So one night he decided to put boxes in front of the closet so if anyone opened it to trick him the boxes would be moved.

Well, he woke up the next morning and the boxes were as he left them but the door was open just as before. Never all the way just enough to see out or in. Well, by this time he was kinda scared. Then one night he heard the closet door opening for he was determined to stay awake as long as possible to catch who was fooling him. When he looked at the closet he saw two green eyes looking at him. He was scared to death. He hurried under the covers and at the same time the green eyes came towards him. As his head was under the covers he felt "it" jump on his bed and pinch his ankle. He was so frightened he passed out (or that's what he thinks). The next morning he awoke and was really freaked. He finally told one of his sisters and they told him it was just a dream. Well, years have passed and one day while his family was visiting our nieces and nephew were talking late into the night. His nephew said "hey remember the house you grew up in Uncle Mike? Well, once while I was a kid and visiting Grandma and Grandpa I saw the closet door open and two green eyes looking at me". Now I'll tell you I really thought my husband had imagined it but after his nephews story being exactly the same except for the thing not "pinching" him I was freaked. So was his sister because he'd never told anyone about what happened before, my husband had only just recently told me. Also, I am glad to say his parents sold the house. But they told Mike that they always had a "cold spot" in the corner upstairs above his room, above the closet. Now that's freaky.

Monica, Illinois, USA
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