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Clubbing In The Afterlife

March 2006

Well to start off I used to work in a night club called Club Princess. It was not a fancy club, it was a casual dressed dance club. Although we were only open on Fridays, I would still be working on Thursdays and Saturdays. Thursdays I would stock beer in the fridge and Saturdays I would clean the mess from the night before (which was horrifying, and no that is not what was scary there). Now I have never experienced this on a Saturday only on Thursdays for some reason.

It was a Thursday afternoon and I had showed up for work late. It was summer and it was a very hot day, so I was pretty glad to be able to stock the fridges because it would keep me cool.

The club is comprised of 4 bars. One in the front and on either side was a doorway that led into the main club. On either side of the club was another bar. There were stairs that led into the balcony bar just above the front bar at the front of the club. To the other side of the club was the stage.

I was in the balcony stocking the fridge at the bar, enjoying my simple task and the cool breeze from the fridge, my mind had wandered off as I was working to thoughts of my girlfriend. I had turned from the fridge to the counter on the bar where I sat the case of beer I was stocking. Moving the case out of the way to grab the next brand I glanced to the stage. Towards the right of the stage was the Emergency exit. In front of the Emergency exit stood a dark haired woman in a very light blue dress. It was so light that it almost was white in colour. She was facing the parallel side of the club from where she was standing. The lighting is not too good in the club because there are no windows, but I could see her clear as day. Thinking I left the Emergency exit where I emptied the trash unlocked, I was about to shout at her to say we were closed. Just then something stopped me from speaking. Most people say when they see something paranormal they get cold, not in my case. I got incredibly hot. Even standing there with the fridge door open in a naturaly cool place, I grew as hot as the afternoon sun beaming outside. I stood still in silence for about 5 mins staring at her as she did not move. I then grasped some courage and said "hey, how did you get in here we are closed!" As I said this she turned to look at me, that's when I noticed the other side of her face that was not visible to me before was MISSING! This freaked me out so much that my blood ran as cold as the fridge standing open. I stood frozen for a few minutes refusing to look away as she stood there and returned my gaze. Now I do not know what came over me because I now started to chase after her. Most people would think I am crazy to chase after a ghost but my bold stupidity of working security and liking to throw my weight around took over.

As I ran down the stairs towards the end of the Club I watched as she darted behind the stage curtains. Thinking she must be scared of getting busted and that she must be trying to steal something, I hurried after her! I flew through the curtain into the back stage area. I did not see her there so I began the search...

After a good 15 mins of searching in a relatively small area I figured she must have slipped out to avoid being arrested. I then walked back to the balcony. As I put my foot on the first step I heard voices coming from the front of the club. Now since my boss left and I know I am alone, I walked into the front thinking my boss had returned, when I got there there was no one to be found, and weirdly the stereo was turned off (I usualy leave it on while I am working).

I never saw the woman again but I always did hear voices from time to time, and the stereo or lights would go off without warning on their own. I never told my boss of the occurrences because I thought he might have me committed!

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