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Georgia, USA
April 1999

We moved into this little house where we live now in the early 90's. Life had thrown us a couple of curves, and we were broke and nearly homeless. In addition to this, I had discovered that my husband and best friend were screwing around...and in a heartbroken and confused condition I moved in here.

As a sort of therapy for myself, I began to draw---trying to draw out some creativity, I never had art stuff as a kid, and so my drawings are very primitive. I did one that amused was a tall cactus, like the ones you'd see in a cartoon about the old west. Positioned above the cactus is a blazing sun with a sneer on it's face, a cowboy hat, and on the cactus is slung a gun belt with a gun in it. The sun is smoking a cigar. I put it in a cheap frame and it's on the wall in my kitchen.

A couple years later, a friend comes to visit and brings me the hostess gift of a book--a paperback copy of "The Regulators", a Stephen King novel. Inside the front cover is a picture, featuring sickly glowing full moon, with a sneer on it's face, a cowboy hat, smoke curling out of it's mouth, positioned over the same kind of cactus. It wasn't the same picture...this was professional and much more detailed...but the things similar were eerie. The book was about many people being shot to death, by a possessed kid. So, even the gun was present. My husband had a copy of the book--a second hand hardback, and it did not have the same picture.

The final co-incidence is that last Nov 5, I shot my husband...fortunately it was not fatal, and by his own intercession with the DA I served no time--didn't even go to court. But I wonder if somehow the picture I drew was a warning to myself and if the picture that was in the book some sort of harbringer of the incident itself...I guess it is one of those things that is just a matter of opinion.

Georgia, USA
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