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Cold hands

Beverly, Tennessee, USA
September 2000

Before I first started band camp, I used to sit in my room and sing to myself. But since I started it I haven't got the time anymore but at night when I come home.

One night I was singing a song from the Evita Soundtrack...(You know that song "You must love me")Well anyway I was singing that and all of the sudden I felt really extremely cold hands on my face. And then I started crying because these hands felt so lonely. I don't know how I knew that they were...I just did.

I wanted to touch the source of these hands back but I couldn't find it's face. So I kept singing and it touched my scared me because they were colder than before...And again I cried harder, feeling his loneliness (assuming it was a guy).

I was getting ready for bed that same night and I felt his hands on my face again. I said good night to the air and felt the hands leave.

The next day in band camp we were sitting in the band room and I felt his hands again. I didn't know why he had followed me, but I felt a tear start to run down my cheek. But I didn't wipe it away...the hand did. Then I felt it leave again.

That night I tried talking to it but it never touched me until I just about feel asleep. Then I heard, in a soft deep whisper, "Thank you for caring." It sounded like a teenage man's voice. Deep and soft. I fell asleep right after that.

The next day we were off for a day and I sat in my room waiting for the hands to come again. But they never did...
I waited all day but they never came. They have only came back once after that so far...I'm staring to miss them.

Beverly, Tennessee, USA
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