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Comforting Ghosts

Virginie Marie Halliwell, Quebec, Canada
October 2002

First of all, I would like to mention that for the past three years, I have been haunted in all the 3 different places I have been living, so I am kind of used to it.

I thought that this time would be different, and I didn't feel any weird presence anywhere in the house when we first moved in 3 months ago and I was convinced that this place was ghost free. But pretty much recently, I've been going through a really tough time (still am actually) and I spent a lot of time crying in my room. But every time I did, I felt a really cold hand rubbing my back in a comforting way. I didn't freak out because I am used to a lot more, but I think it was the first time that a spirit actually got close to me.

So I just let it comfort me some more and then the feeling vanished as I stopped to cry. I turned around a few times to see my wall and posters, but no actual person or shadow or anything of the kind standing behind me. I still thanked who ever was there to care enough about me for wanting me to feel better.

A few weeks ago, I brought back some movies from the video rental store and decided to watch them in the basement, in the living room that stands between my step sister's room and mine. I was watching The Emperor's New Groove with her and nothing seemed to be wrong until we got to the part where Yzma and Kronk were flying across a mist trying to catch Kuzco and Pacha. When they are flying, there is a cloud that comes over them and a lightning burns them and then they crash down the mist. Well, exactly when that lightning came on, the TV closed itself! My step sister and I were a bit freaked out but mostly thought it was funny and weird. So we opened the TV again and kept watching the movie.

The next day, I decided to watch the movie again (boy I find it funny!) and the TV closed at the very same place once again! That's when I started to freak out. I just finished watching the movie, rewinded it to watch that part again, but nothing happened? Since I don't believe in coincidences, let me tell you that I didn't take long to move all my movies in my room and finish watching them there!

I told my step sister about what happened the second time I watched the movie and she thought it was weird too, but we both just forgot about it? Until last night.

I had just come back from the shopping center with my mother and she asked me if I have had encountered anything weird since we watched the movie and I asked her why. She said that before I came back home, she was watching TV or a movie (don't remember) and suddenly, the TV flashed, but the computer and the light were fine. She didn't freak out on that and kept watching TV. Then the TV flashed again, and so did the computer. Apparently, the computer just closed itself and when she got closer to it, it just reset itself. Meanwhile, the light hadn't even flicker! So it couldn't have been the circuit power. She was starting to be a bit scared but stayed in the basement. But then, everything flashed: TV, computer and light. She just ran upstairs and waited for someone to go downstairs again with her. So I told her about that hand rubbing my back when I was feeling sad and she just stood there watching me with her eyes wide open. She told me that once, when she was feeling down, she felt a cold hand play in her hair. She says that she feels that every time she is feeling low. But unlike me, she really doesn't like it. I am used to this stuff and she's not, but I can tell that this spirit just wants to make us feel better and make us laugh. I am sure that all it did with the TV, computer and light was just to make us laugh (didn't exactly work though).

But I've also had this obnoxious feeling of being watched every time I go in the basement. My room being at the other side of the basement, I have to go all across to reach my room. No one ever leaves a light open for me at night when I come home late, so I always freak out and expect something to grab me or seeing something weird move. Especially when I walk by this wardrobe that we keep open because of the cat litter that is in it. I always feel like there's someone in there watching me and waiting the perfect time to jump on me? Ok, that's probably just me being paranoid, but the feeling is there.

We also have two cats and they are often staring into nowhere and then freak out and leave. When they do, I freak out a little, but one of these cats just freak out for no reason most of the time (I mean, he'll freak out when someone sneezes and such) so I don't get scared when he runs away after staring into space. But when my other cat does, it means that there is really something odd going on?

Well, at least I know that someone good is watching over me and it feels good, I just hope that it can overcome the possible evil lurking around our basement

Virginie Marie Halliwell, Quebec, Canada
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