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Computer "On" Button

September 2003

This happened a few weeks ago and I thought it was really spooky. It's just passed midnight. I was in bed coming down with the flu. I was starting to cough and had a very sore throat. No longer being able to stand the pain, I got up to get some medicine in the kitchen. From my bedroom, the kitchen and living room are down the hall to my right, and the bathroom is at the end of the hall to the left.

I passed the living room on the way to the kitchen. It was pitch black. I got the medicine from the pantry and saw from the clock on the microwave that it was 12:53 am. After taking some cough medicine, I returned back to my room to try and get some sleep. As I lay in my bed still coping with a sore throat, I thought I heard the computer in the living room turn on. You know the sound a computer makes when you turn it on, right before the icons appear, there is something like a single music note played that increases in volume, then your screen appears. It's impossible to mistake that sound for anything else.

I heard this and thought, that sounds like the computer. But I knew it couldn't be since I just passed the living room and there was no one there. Besides it was probably 1:00 am by now and no one else was up but me. It's just my parents and me at home and they were sound asleep. I could hear them snoring. So I just told myself I was imagining things.

Still lying in bed, my sore throat was becoming unbearable, so I finally decided to get up again and go to the bathroom and try to gargle with some medicated mouthwash. I didn't bother putting my glasses on but walked sleepily into the bathroom. From the bathroom entrance I stared down the hall and saw a faint light coming from the living room. I walked slowly, passing my room, and timidly stopped just before the archway of the living room. I could see the computer light being reflected off the wall mirror, but couldn't see anyone.

Of course I was a bit nervous now, so I quickly walked to my room to get my glasses and returned. The clock in my room read that it was 1:10 am. The computer was on but no one was there. I walked up to it and turned the system off. I checked the sliding doors in the living room. It was locked. I went to the front door and saw that it was locked too. The door in the kitchen, which led to the garage, was locked as well. The only other rooms to check were the guest bedroom next to the bathroom and my parents' room. I looked at the guest bedroom, no one there. From outside my parents' room I could hear two people slight snoring. So who turned on the computer?

I asked some of the engineers at work the next day if some kind of power surge could turn a computer on. No, not that they know of. Unless the computer was actually on and the screen saver was in use, the only way to turn a computer on is for someone to physically do it. I told them the computer hadn't been used in at least two days and besides I heard that little intro noise/music a computer makes whenever it is turned on. Now I get spooked each time I think about what happened.

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