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Francis Rodrigue, Quebec, Canada
May 1998

These stories might be a little boring, but I want to share it with you so I will be able to find people who have had similar experiences.

This all happened when I was 10 or so, I laid myself to sleep after I watched a movie with my parents. I remember I was thinking about the end of the movie: I really jumped because the "bad guy" was dead and when the "good guy" comes to see if he is really dead (by checking his heartbeat) the "bad guy" suddenly wakes up and grasps his throat. Anyway, this is not really important. I was just thinking about the fact that I jumped...I do also remember that I was always sleeping with my arms stretched toward the head of my bed. This was the last night I slept like that! While I was thinking about the movie, I felt a hand taking mine, gently, not grasping or hurting it...It was kinda like a soft handshake...I was really tired and didn't think something was wrong, I just turned around to see who it was and there was no one...When I realized it (that took me some time) I started to scream and I ran to my parents room who, of course, said I hallucinated and stuff. But even today, I'm not sure of what that hand could've been. However, I did always sleep with my arms crossed under my head from that day...

Here is another short story:

I was about 12 and alone in my room which is in the parents and sister are sleeping upstairs. I had read alot about guardian angels and all, and some had told me that day that male were having female guardians and vice-versa. Then I began to think: "Oh, I'd like to speak to my guardian angel...(I was then speaking directly to my guardian) Please, I know I'm ready, I wont be scared! I just want to know if you are a girl or a man..." This is when I heard a voice saying something I never got to remember, even 5 minutes after it has happened...I jumped and the voice said "What do you want?" I simply replied "Nothing" since I was troubled and a little scared...Somehow, I know now that my guardian angel is a female...or whatever the voice I heard was is female.

Francis Rodrigue, Quebec, Canada
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