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Sue, South Australia
June 2003

Last Tuesday night I had to go back into the kitchen for a book, it was fairly late, probably about 11.45 and everyone was in bed except me, so the house was quiet and the kitchen dark except for the light from the fireplace.

The dark doesn't bother me and although it was very cold I stood staring at the fireplace from across the room. I thought I saw movement near the fireplace but dismissed it as one of our cats Tiger. Then, very close to me I distinctly heard a man's voice say to me "It's alright, it's only me" in a bit more than a whisper, but clearly heard. My immediate response was "Pardon?" to which I heard the reply, "it's me". I didn't know my Great Uncle who died in 1943, but I am sure it's him who has been here all my life, since early childhood and I feel it was him letting me know that night that he was there with me.

He has let me know he's around before in different ways, but he has never spoken. I just calmly wished him goodnight and went back to bed. I wasn't afraid, he has never harmed me in any way, and I feel actually that he has always watched over me. It's a feeling of comfort actually. Not all ghosts are scary like the movies try and portray.

Next time you have a ghostly meeting, try and talk to them, just maybe, that's all they want.

Sue, South Australia
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