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Continuous Crash

Courtney, NY, USA
April 2002

About the end of August or the start of September (I don't know for sure), my family and I moved into a nice, good sized trailer outside of a small town called Gouverneur in upstate New York on 30 acres of land. We thought it was nice, not counting the small size of my room. We were going to stay here for a few months until we found a nice house we liked in town to buy.

My father works down state, about three to five hours away as a CO. But he stills gets enough time off to come visit us about two to five days about every other week. We live on a VERY isolated road, with only three or four houses down from us, so you can always here even the smallest of cars coming from almost a mile away. Whenever we hear a car pull in the driveway, we always know Dad is home. And if it isn't him, we will always know beforehand that we have visitors.

After we were living in the trailer for about two months, we one day heard a car pull into the driveway, and footsteps coming up the porch. We all looked at each other confused. Our dad was home, and we were not expecting any visitors at all. I looked through the peep hole and saw that there was nobody there. So I opened the door, and realized there was also no car there. And we hadn't heard any leave the driveway. From then on, we continued to hear "non existing" cars pull into the driveway. On a few occasions, we even heard someone knock on the door, which always gets the dog barking. So we joked about how we had ghosts.

Finally, when I was riding the bus home from school, I looked out the window to see if there were any deer around. But what I saw instead shocked me. On a tree there hung a wooden cross and a dead bouquet of flowers. The tree looked as if it had been burnt badly. And what was worse yet, is that the tree was almost EXACTLY across the street from our house.

When I got inside the trailer, I told my mother what I had seen. She didn't seem too surprised. She said the neighbor had told her about a car crash that happened a few years ago. A man and his friend were driving along when they lost control and hit the tree. The car caught fire, and the driver was burnt to death inside. The other broke one or both of his legs and crawled onto the porch of our house. When he noticed no one was home, he crawled almost a quarter of a mile down the road to our friend's house.

I don't know if it has any connection to the crash or not, but sometimes when I am trying to sleep in my room, I can hear whispers. I can't understand what they are saying. One night, I was lying against the wall when my bed went down like someone had sat on it on the edge. And it even made a creaking noise when I felt it go down.

I feel sorry for the man who died across the street, and I hope he can rest soon. But I know for sure that we are not in danger.

Courtney, NY, USA
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