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Converted Believer

NSW, Australia
May 2001

While I have had several ghostly encounters, I often tended to look for the simple explanation (Occums Razor). However one particular event occurred where there could be no explanation. My wife and I were in the process of looking for an investment property around our local area. We had spent many weekends inspecting and while some were of interest, most were a waste of time. It was one particular weekend where all that changed.

It was a Saturday afternoon, say 12.00pm, I had just returned from the gym and left my bag near the front door. My wife was in the bathroom about 6 or so metres away. The bathroom door was partly closed and I was just about to fix the handle on the front door of our unit (about 1 metre form where my bag was) as I approached the front door I heard movement near my bag and thought I had just seen a figure do something to my bag.

I thought at first it was my wife and when I moved round the corner, I noticed a brochure for an investment unit. I immediately asked my wife why she put this here, her response was that she did not know what I was talking about and then it registered that she was still in the bathroom and the door had not moved. In the time that had passed it would have been impossible for her to dump it there and then return to the bathroom. I was left agog and confused. It then dawned on me that I had just had an encounter, with who I don't know, I read the investment brochure and it was exactly what we were looking for, It was "perfect" or was it?

That afternoon we inspected the property and the next day we were in a position to place a holding deposit down. Then, for some reason, something prompted us to analyse what had happened the day before, was it meant to be or was it a sign that there were better things in store. We "felt" as though we would pass this investment property up, why, because we "felt" better things were in store.

4 months later we were the proud owners of an investment property that we purchased at auction for an absolute bargain, the twist, what a twist it is, my car had been vandalised around the same time and I had reported it to the police (along with 15 others). They eventually caught the person involved, he actually lived right next door to me in a building that we would have loved to purchase a unit in one day.

Unfortunately, for the person who was caught, well he had serious problems and sadly committed suicide. So the twist becomes known, the unit that we eventually purchased was in the building right next door, and the twist is, it was the same unit where the boy who damaged my car lived. His parents were grieving so much that they had to sell the unit quickly and for a price, we just could not believe.

This is a true story and has changed my outlook on life. My conclusion was that whilst crime does not pay, redemption is was his only saviour. I feel as though the young man who committed suicide was sorry for his crimes and that his remorse was reflected in our successful purchase of his parents' apartment. I hope his soul is now at rest.

NSW, Australia
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