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Cory's Guardian Angel

Texas, USA
November 1998

This happened to my best friend.

My friend's name is Pam. When this happened, her son was 7. Cory came down with a nasty case of bronchitis. He was having a very hard time breathing and the doctors were debating whether to admit him into hospital for observation. Pam, in order to keep a close watch on him, let Cory sleep in her bed at night. This experience happened over several nights. The first night, Pam awoke to the smell of a pipe. It had a vanilla scented tobacco in it. She got out of bed to see where it came from. As she moved away from the bed, the odor disappeared. She went back to bed and smelled it again. Having seen and heard spirits all her life, she shrugged it off and went back to sleep.

This same thing happened again over the next several nights. The last night it happened, the odor was so strong, she could see the smoke from the pipe. She looked at her sick little boy and noticed that he was not breathing. She shook him and Cory took a deep breath. "Mommy I'm so cold" he said.

Cory is over his bout with bronchitis and is a very healthy child. Pam and I both believe that whoever was smoking that pipe was watching over her precious little miracle.

Texas, USA
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