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Could Be Worse

Kandle, CA, USA
September 2006

In 2005, I bought a Ouija Board. I was extremely happy to have finally gotten one!! (I had been bidding for one for some time). When it came in the mail I whipped it right out with my two best buds!

Nothing interesting happened. Least, until our 4th time trying it.
We whipped it out again, not really expecting much, but our spirits were set high! So after about 10 minutes of nothing (which was the most longest 10 minutes of my life, I might add) we went for some lunch...without saying good-bye to our silent guest.
We came back and put the Ouija Board up. About 3 weeks after that strange things happened at my house. The faucets would turn on by themselves (although I think I was the only one who encountered this) and one night me and my younger brother heard a loud singing, maybe shrieking, but it was also low. We weren't asleep, and we ventured out into the living room were the noise was coming from and nothing! The noise stopped when we hit the kitchen (which was a huge relief!) So we went back to bed, no one awake (everyone was asleep) no one even flinched at the noise that was not human.
The next day we took the Ouija Board out and said good-bye. Everything stopped then. I don't know if it was just our imagination, or if our guest from our 4th try using the Ouija Board had decided to move in until we were polite enough to say good-bye, but those 3 weeks were the creepiest weeks of my life. Something not human was in my house, I just knew it.
To this day I still have the feeling I'm being watched. And it's as if my brother and parents (who I told all of this to) had forgotten the whole thing. Like it never happened.
Could be worse.

Kandle, CA, USA
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