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Country Terrors

Anonymous, AR, USA
April 2010

I was born on a small farm in Maysville, Arkansas. My parents experienced some very freaky and terrifying things while at this home, that eventually caused them to move.

My parents moved into that house in 1996, the year I was born. Right before they moved there, a middle aged man had lived there with his daughter. His daughter soon got married and moved away.
Well, the man grew very sad and depressed because his daughter never called him anymore or spoke to him often. He grew so lonely that one day, he committed suicide in a room in that old house. The room was a large closet that had mirrors as the walls inside. So the house went up for sale. And of course, my parents, not knowing the house had been previously owned by a man who had killed himself, moved in.

They first started noticing creepy things happening a few weeks after moving in. Little things like one day, while my mother was doing laundry near the basement door, she heard footsteps thumping up the steps, sounding as if they were approaching her from downstairs. She heard it more often after that. Another thing, large pictures would be moved without being heard. And once a huge rocking chair had been pushed onto its side when my mother had gotten up (in the same room still) and gotten a bottle for me. She turned back around from the kitchen counter, and the chair was overturned.

The small things frightened my parents and then some of my other family members moved into the house. The first was my aunt. She had my 1 year old cousin with her, and she was pregnant with my younger cousin. She stayed in a bedroom near the old closet with mirrors. One night, she was awoken by the sound of a Rice Krispy Treat wrapper being smashed and crumpled. She looked over the wrapper (she had eaten the treat before bed) and saw that it was moving as if somebody had it in their hand, crumpling it. But there was nobody there at all. The wrapper was sitting alone on a stool near her door, moving.

That scared my aunt very terribly and she did not want to stay long after that. Not long after this happened, something even more strange happened. My cousin "Corey" was about a year and a half old and I was about a year. We both had begun walking before that, and as curious babies are, we ran everywhere and got into stuff we weren't supposed to get into. One day Corey and I came running out of a large closet, him holding a frame that had been lying on the very top shelf of the tall closet, much too tall for babies to reach. My mom was very freaked out by the fact that we had somehow gotten this frame down when she knew we were not tall enough. She asked "Kids, how'd you get this?" And we screamed hysterically "The GUY gave it to us!" And we repeated this over and over. Every time she asked she was very concerned. And we continued to get things out of the closet by ourselves. Apparently from The Guy. I don't remember this, because I was only a tiny baby, but I do believe my parents, for they have never lied to me before.

My parents had a preacher come over, to bless the house. As soon as the preacher walked through the door, he became very frightened, as did all the guests that came into the house. He said it was very eerie and cold feeling, and he would like to leave. But he stayed to bless the house. He said he felt that the most intense place in the house was the closet where the man had killed himself. But he had not known the man had done that. He felt this before my parents told him. This place was soon blocked off.

My parents moved out of the house after having a crazed cat nearly attack them and rip them to shreds. The cat normally was a very peaceful and friendly outside cat, but one day my parents had to bring him inside, and the cat went berserk. He clawed at everything and shredded the air and anything within a few feet. Then, he got a growl in his throat, and a high pitched scream came out of its mouth louder than a woman's. Then it ran toward my mother and father, wanting them to get it out of the house. Afraid it would hurt them, my Dad shot the cat with a shotgun, and called the preacher. The preacher said that there was nothing left to do but move. And so they did soon.

My parents or any of my family never experienced any scary encounters after that. They moved on, as did I. To this day, I don't remember The Guy, with whom my cousin and I had played with. The man who had given us cool items from the top of the closet. I'm sure he will never bother us. We think that the man we had talked to was the man who killed himself before our move into the house, but we will never know for sure. But we do know that his soul is alive in that house still and I pray for it. Let God help him and not let him scare anymore innocent families. Let his soul rest in peace.

Anonymous, AR, USA
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