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Creepy Coffee

Dan, Michigan, USA
December 1998

Before I begin I would just like to say that the story I'm about to tell you is the absolute truth. It happened in 1989 on a monday morning in February at about 6am.

I had just gotten to work (my family and I run a restaurant) and I was about to put on a pot of coffee. When you come through the main door it's a straight shot to the coffee pot and about five steps to the table where we sit and have our coffee before starting work. The other Janitor had not gotten to work yet. As I started toward the coffee pot I saw a cup on the table, I walked up to it and noticed that the cup contained coffee probably left there from the previous night. I was going to dump it out but when I touched the coffee with my finger (to test it) it was hot. Thinking it was just a coincidence I reached to pick up the cup and when I touched it the outside of the cup was ice cold.

At that time George the other Janitor entered the building, leaving the cup on the table I went over to the door and said come over here and see this but when we reached the table the cup was gone.

I haven't had any more experiences like this and I hope I never do.

Dan, Michigan, USA
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