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Creepy Cupboards

Emma Towell, Wales, UK
November 1999

Iwas house sitting for a close friend of mine a few years ago. Her house was quite old and creaky but had no kind of bad feeling about it. After a few days of staying there by myself I noticed that things would be moved and lights that I had switched on the night before were turned off the morning after. I put this down to me being a bit absent minded. Anyway about two days into my second week there I was washing the dishes in the kitchen. It is a fair size of a kitchen with many cupboards.If you imagine, her sink faces out onto the garden so I had my back to the entire kitchen. I felt a chill run through me but as it was drawing near winter thought nothing of it. On turning around and facing the kitchen, to my horror, every single kitchen cupboard door had been opened as wide as possible the door furthest away from me still swinging. There was nobody else in the house, and I am surely not that absent minded. Needless to say I didn't stay around to dry the dishes I had been washing.

Emma Towell, Wales, UK
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