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Creepy Customers

October 2005

About 6 years ago I had a job as a waiter at a popular restaurant. One day, just before closing time, I had a very strange experience that I'll never forget.

I was in the kitchen area of the restaurant, when a fellow waiter came and told me that a "very creepy" family had just been seated in my section. I was annoyed that I had more customers because it was late and I wanted to go home. Other than that, I didn't really think anything of it, so I got some menus and headed out to greet them.

Sure enough, they WERE creepy! They were a family of four: Mom, Dad and a daughter and son. All of them were dressed really strangely, as if they were wearing costumes from the turn of the century. Their skin was a sickly pale color. They looked like they had never seen the sun, which was strange, since it was mid-summer at the time. Even the restaurant manager commented on how weird they seemed, and all of the other waitstaff ribbed me for having to wait on "the Addams Family".

When I greeted them, only the father spoke, but his voice was very strange and flat, with none of the inflections most people speak with. He never once looked at me. They ordered food, but hardly touched their dinner. None of them spoke a word to each other during their whole meal. They simply stared at their plates.

After a while, I left their check with them, but when I came back a few minutes later, they had already departed, leaving money on the table. I was happy they were gone, because I got such a feeling of dread just being around them. I rang up their ticket, anxious to see what kind of tip I would end up with. When I saw the change from the bill, it sent chills down my spine: the change was exactly $6.66!

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