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Creepy Motel

Alice, Wyoming, USA
October 2004

A couple of years ago, my boyfriend, my two daughters, his daughter, and I went on vacation. We had been in Southern California and decided to drive to Las Vegas. We left fairly late on a Friday evening and got stuck in the awful traffic headed to Las Vegas. We decided that we were too tired to continue on to Las Vegas that night, and so decided to find a motel and start early the next morning.

We pulled into Baker, California and found a motel right off the freeway. It looked pretty run down, so we continued on through town to find a better one. All of the others had no vacancy, so we headed back to the first one.

As we drove up towards our rooms, my oldest daughter, who was 16 at the time, made a comment to the effect that it would be our luck if we got room #13 (we didn't). I passed it off as a reaction to the run-down look to the place.

My boyfriend and I took one room and the girls had the room next door. We helped the girls carry all their stuff into their room. My boyfriend's daughter had been asleep in the car, and she never really woke up at all, just crawled into bed and went right to sleep. I got my girls settled and then went to my room.

Immediately upon walking into my room, I felt like there was something in there, especially around the vanity/bathroom area. As I stood at the sink, I felt like there was someone right behind me, and I kept looking over my shoulder. Of course, no one was there. I hurried up and brushed my teeth etc. because I really didn't feel comfortable in that area at all.

After I had been lying in bed, reading for awhile, my youngest daughter, who was 7 at the time, called me...begging to stay with me. She was feeling uncomfortable, and couldn't sleep. I went over there to try to get her settled down. I noticed that her room felt really creepy as if someone was standing right there. The other two girls were asleep, and after unsuccessfully trying to get my little one to go back to bed, I brought her to my room with me. She refused to sleep in the other bed, which I thought was kind of odd because she'd never really been one of those kids who was afraid of the dark, or needed to sleep with me all the time. But she just absolutely couldn't/wouldn't do it.

I was just dozing off to sleep when the phone rang again. It was my other daughter. She was asking if she could come sleep in our room. (A 16 year old wants to sleep with her mom?) She told me she had been awakened by someone violently shaking the foot of bed, as if someone had been leaning over the foot of her bed with both hands on it, bouncing it up and down as hard as they could. She was pretty freaked out about it, which I thought was kind of weird because we had lived in a haunted house for 3 years and she had never once complained about it even though she had had numerous experiences.

It was quite the uproar for awhile, because she refused to stay there, but I wouldn't let her abandon my step- daughter. We finally convinced my youngest to go back to sleep with her sister to "protect" her. There were no further incidents that night, although both rooms continued to have that "creepy" feel to them...even in the broad daylight of morning. I couldn't even take a shower without feeling like I had to keep looking out to see if someone was there, because it sure felt like it.

The funny thing was that neither my boyfriend or his daughter ever felt the least little bit of uneasiness there. But the other 3 of us sure didn't forget that trip!

Alice, Wyoming, USA
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