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Crossroad Ghost

Alexander, Lisbon, Portugal
July 2009

First of all, I need to explain something; I think this is important for you to understand my story. My family has always been sensitive to paranormal stuff (or, as I say, "The Force is strong in our family"). My great-grandmother was a renowned... uh... paranormal expert... or, as most people say, a witch. She was the village healer and people traveled a great distance to see her. Before she passed out she taught some things to my grandfather, and he taught them to me. My mother was about 10 years old when she saw a spirit for the first time, and the stories go on... That said, let's move on for the story I want to tell.

This happened in the early 40's on a rural town on the western region of Portugal. In the middle of nowhere there is a crossroad. A typical crossroad made of dirt in the middle of some pine trees and olive trees. Back then people said that a ghost was often seen around that place. My uncle (may he rest in peace) was going home from work late at night, riding his bicycle, and when he got to the crossroad he decided to take a break. He looked around, heard the crickets, and gazed at the stars. Then he remembered the story and said out loud "Hey, ghost! You there?" On that precise moment two immensely strong slaps knocked him off his feet. When my uncle looked up he saw a pale man with white hair and beard dressed like a late XIX century hunter, with a light gray fedora hat, white shirt, light gray coat, vest and pants, a shotgun on his right hand and a white blood hound on a leash on his left hand. The man said "Don't you play with serious things, boy!" My uncle jumped on his bike and started paddling as fast as he could, the man always behind him apparently without moving a muscle. The thing only stopped following him when he entered the village. He told this story until the day he died, about 3 years ago.

Last summer I was spending a few days on my family's old house, now a hunting cabin. One night I was coming home from a club with my girlfriend and when we passed the crossroad I said "Hey, remember the story about the ghost my uncle saw? It was here" as soon as I spoke my car died. The engine stalled, the lights went out, and the radio was muted. I hit the Start/Stop switch and nothing, and it was a brand new Alfa Romeo 159, I had just bought it a few months earlier. Our phones didn't work, either, but there is no coverage in that area anyway, so that wasn't a surprise. And to make things worse both me and my girlfriend had tremendous headaches a few moments later. About 10 minutes later, when we were starting to panic, the radio started playing and the headlights lit. I hit the start button and burned rubber out of there. It was the worst 10 minutes of my life. Even today my girlfriend refuses to pass there at night.
The next day I drove to my cousin's auto shop and had him take a look at it. He found nothing wrong, and according to the car's computer and GPS we never stopped there.

I have no idea what happened, but it sure was strange.

Alexander, Lisbon, Portugal
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