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James Friel, UK
January 2002

My experience happened when I first moved from Glasgow up to a house in the country. It has happened about three times now and is just as un-nerving as the first time.

Just down from my house is a crossroad that has been built for about 25 years. The first incident that occured happened about two years ago. When I was walking back from a friends house I reached the crossroads and checked to see if anything was coming. I then heard a car coming so I waited until it had passed but it never came. What is really unnerving was that I could hear it getting closer and closer and then it seemed to pass by me and I could then hear it as though it was going away from me.

This is the first event that I have felt at this spot. The second event that occured was at the exact same spot.

I was coming back from my friends house again about seven months later and I stopped at the crossroads to check if anything was coming when I had the sensation that someone was beside me and looking at me. I looked around and saw no one and decided that I should get home as soon as possible.

My final experience happened just six months ago. This is the most frightening of them all because it happened at the same spot again.

I stopped at the crossroads and waited for a car to go past and in that split second I saw my reflection and something in white behind me. The car passed and I looked round and there was something there behind me, I can only describe it something like a funeral shroud with a face of sorts visable (I know this sounds like a cheap movie rip-off but its not). The worst part of it is that I could hear a voice coming from the entity. I could only make out a couple of words that seemed to repeat the words "pain", "death", "fear" and "help". After it had finished saying this for about a minute it seemed to fade away to nothing after which I ran home.

That is the last experience I had at the crossroads and I hope I never have any more since I moved away from that area.

James Friel, UK
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