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Georgia, USA
May 2001

My friend and I were coming back from a county event at our high school. We had to drop someone off before midnight and we were running late. After we dropped him off my friend offered to take me to an empty lot to practice driving a stick because I had had my license and had been driving for a while. After I got good he told me to drive home. We were driving and there was a car sitting where I was about to turn off. I asked my friend if he wanted me to turn or to go straight but he said just keep going straight. We were going about sixty to seventy MPH. The car pulled out and ran us down. It was unexpected, it then started to inch up, and started flashing it's lights. I asked my friend if it was flashing its lights, he said yeah. I then looked in the review and its lights were slowly flashing one at a time, unlike a cop car, this was an SUV. It wasn't slowing up and neither was I. We were nearing a bridge and I had my eyes on the car the whole time. As soon as we got to the bridge the car was nowhere in sight. My friend and I had chills all over all night. We weren't sure how to react, we just wanted to go home.

Later we came to find out that a long time ago people would kill people at the bridge. We won't go back to that spot.

Hardly anyone believes us. I still get goose bumps thinking about it.

Georgia, USA
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