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Crying Baby

December 2005

Hello. A few years ago I used to live in a big house my parents had bought very cheap, with the condition that the previous owner would live there until he died (he was very old and did not wish to live with his daughters). So the old man lived in a small room in the back that had its own kitchen and bathroom. At the time my baby brother had just been born. We had been living there for only a month when one day when I was taking a shower I heard a baby crying. My mother was in the house, but she was busy cooking and told me to listen in case my little brother cried. Well, I heard him and yelled to my mother to check on him. She did.

She went to the bedroom, where the only bathroom was, and told me he was asleep. I was a little puzzled. I had distinctly heard a baby crying. I forgot about it.

A few weeks later my mother was out and I was watching the baby. He was in his room, asleep on his crib. My father was home. I went to my brother's room to check on him and I saw he was asleep so I decided to play a video game in the living room. A few moments after I turned on the game, my father started calling for me, telling me the baby was crying. I got up, annoyed, thinking why didn't he check on the baby himself. Well, my dad was on the toilet, he couldn't go. So I went, not hearing anything. I opened the door to the nursery. The baby was asleep. I went back to the living room, telling my father on the way that the baby was sleeping.

When my father came out of the bathroom I heard him check on my brother too, as if I hadn't done it. He was very uneasy after that. I didn't understand why and he didn't tell me. He was just very quiet until my mom came home. Then he told me and my mother that he thought there was a ghost in the house. He said every morning when he was taking his shower before leaving for work he always heard a very young baby crying. When he came out he found that either my brother was in his crib, sleeping, or my mother was nursing him. That had happened a few times to me too, like I already told you before.

My parents decided to ask the old man. He wasn't surprised at my father's stories. He told us that many years ago, he had had a daughter who had passed away by that time. This girl and her husband lived in that house with her parents when she got pregnant because she was delicate. One night they awoke to the girl's screams. She was bleeding and was afraid she had lost her baby. She had. For some reason I will never know or understand instead of calling a doctor or something, the tiny body was flushed down the toilet. The girl had only been three months pregnant so it was easy. After that, the old man had heard the baby crying too. That was why he had built the little room in the back with its own bathroom, so he wouldn't have to listen to it any more.

That old man is dead now and I think that he was a little guilty for not giving the baby a proper burial and baptizing him. My mother always told me babies had to be baptized even if they died.

Well, thank you for taking the time to read my story.

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