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Crying From The Kitchen

Rasto, CA, USA
March 2011

This is something creepy that happened to me last year and going through your site made me want to share my short experience I had.

I was living in a 1 bedroom apartment with my family, I slept alone in the living room. One night as I was laying down falling asleep, I heard a weird whimper. I didn't pay attention to it at first, but it started growing louder like someone crying in the kitchen. I was half asleep, and I was getting annoyed because it wasn't letting me sleep.

I didn't really stop to think, "Damn, something is crying in my kitchen!" I just started to yell shut up to whatever it was, I wanted to sleep! My mom heard me and got up to check on me, she then told me to go sleep in the room with them.

The next day she confessed when she checked up on me, she saw a tall dark creature thing, leaning over me while I was lying down, and when she walked in the room it turned around to look at her, and then disappeared. I still think about it. What the hell was that?!

Rasto, CA, USA
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