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Cuba Road

May 2004

This didn't actually happen to me, but it's something an ex- girlfriend of mine told me that happened to her when she was in high school.

She lived in Barrington, Illinois at that time, and was driving home from her friend's house late one night down Cuba Road, past White Cemetery. This cemetery is reportedly one of the most haunted in Illinois.

She'd never driven past it at night before, but had heard stories about the balls of light and the disappearing house that people have seen in White Cemetery, and said she for some reason suddenly went from being in a good mood, albeit a bit tired, to alert and oddly anxious as soon as she approached the cemetery in her car.

Just as she was driving past the cemetery gates, she saw very bright headlights in her rear view mirror that weren't there a second before. She thought maybe a car had shot out of the entrance of the cemetery, but then realized the gates were closed and didn't recall seeing a car with bright headlights waiting for her to pass by so they could pull out behind her. She said the car's lights were so powerful she thought they had their hi-beam on and they remained close enough behind her so it was hard for her to see anything but the car's headlights which lit up the inside of her car.

She decided to pull over to the shoulder of the road to let them pass by, and in the couple of seconds it took her to find a place to pull off to the side of the road and take her eyes off the rear view mirror, the car wasn't there anymore. It was totally dark behind her and all around, there was nowhere for the car to have gone where she wouldn't have seen it either passing her or turning around.

By now, she was frightened and confused, and drove away from the area as quickly as she could towards home. She told me that she was sure it was a car behind her but because the lights were so bright, she couldn't really make out anything more than a blackish shape behind the lights. She also noticed that as soon as the got away from that stretch of road in front of White Cemetery, the fear and anxiety that had suddenly took hold of her began to subside.

She said she never drove down Cuba Road at night again, at least by herself.

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