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Cuba Road, Barrington, Illinois

May 2007

Years ago, 1984 to be exact, I decided to take my sister and her co-workers out for some fun after work. We all worked at Woodfield Mall at Vie De France. I believe we went to a drive in Movie at first and decided to drive around barrington area.
Now I had heard stories regarding Cuba Road but really did not believe in it. Anyway my plan was to take them there and look for the supposed mental institute or infamous graveyard. I was doing my best to spook them to no avail..
They were just having too good of a time giggling. I was about to give up when I saw a car approaching fast from the rear view mirror. I looked in the side view mirror and it looked like a late model 60's car due to the headlights. It was about to pass me and my first thought was "what a jerk". Well I pulled to the side a bit since this was a single lane road. To my amazement, just as it was supposed to pass me, it disappeared... no noise nothing! I broke immediately in a panic stop and turned the car around since I was convinced someone was pulling a prank. I went back and forth and found no dirt road or anywhere the car could have gone. It was the middle of summer so if it did pull over, I would have seen telltale signs of dust but there was no evidence of that.
My sister and her friends asked what was wrong and I just told them that I thought I ran over a racoon..lying to conceal my fear.
How ironic I thought; I went there to spook my sister's friends and it was me that got spooked. I never told anyone and didn't realize that this story is common in Cuba Road years later when I read a book on it.
Prior to that day, I never heard of any phantom car lights.

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