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Cumberland Island (1)

Yvonne, GA, USA
April 2002

This happened quite recently. My sister, my husband and I were on a camping trip to Cumberland Island. This is a national park, but no cars are allowed on the Island and you have to pack in. We were told by the Ranger that it had once been used by Native Americans all over America as a Healing Island.

We went to set up camp and to have a swim at the beach. But we made plans to meet the Ranger and some kids who were scouts later on the bay side of the Island to look for Shark's teeth. It was a 5 mile walk and we got a late start. We were walking along pretty quickly and not very sure of the way in a couple of places. My husband was walking faster than my sister and I because my sister was having a problem with her shoes. She kept insisting that she heard voices. I did not hear anything, and I made a comment about there being so much ambient noise...boughs of the big oaks blowing in the brisk breeze, birds, animals. There was no one else that we saw on the trail.

We got within about 2 miles of where we should have been and I wasn't sure we were going the right way. My sister was getting a blister and we decided to go back. Reluctantly, my husband joined us. On the way back we paused to explore the ruins of "Dungeness" the old Carnegie mansion that are left on the island. As before, my husband was way ahead of us. Suddenly, I heard lots of excited voices. I thought my husband had found the ranger and the scouts. She heard this too. We caught up with Shane (my hubby) fully expecting to see the scouting party. Instead we found him looking a little strange. I ask if he was ok, and he said that he was spooked, that he had seen a very tall man in a brown shirt going by very fast, and had called to him and that the man had disappeared in front of his eyes. He had heard no voices.

Later we found out that the grounds of the mansion were where the Indians had once had a large camp.

Yvonne, GA, USA
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