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Cumberland Island (2)

GA Firefighter, GA, USA
April 2010

I happened across this page while looking for other people who have had experiences on Cumberland Island. My story is about my family and I, we decided to stay on Cumberland Island because my dad brother and myself are firefighters and when it caught on fire a couple years ago we were sent there.

We stayed in the second floor of the old slave barracks. We were supposed to stay in Plum Orchard which is supposed to be the haunted part of Cumberland so we were let down when they put us there but we dealt with it. The first night we were there we heard what sounded like raccoons in our suit cases so we turned the light on to look and nothing was there and the noise stopped. We blew it off as nothing so we slept well that night.

The second day we heard the door to the second floor slamming shut so we went to investigate and there was nothing that could make that happen. When we went to the bathroom you could hear laughing coming from the stalls it seems so we were starting to get kind of anxious. That night the door continued to shut so we didn't sleep to well. The third day we worked all day so we supposed nothing happened.

That night I was by myself in the house because the rest of my family went to Plum Orchard and nothing happened. The fourth day my mom got sick and couldn't do anything so she stayed back and tried to get some sleep but when she was alone she says something grabbed her feet and picked them up and then dropped them back down.

So this was our last night on the island and we were all lying in our beds when I felt something touch my feet. It felt like a large rock at the foot of my bed. I'm the kind of guy that isn't afraid of anything when I'm awake, but when I'm asleep you don't touch me. I pulled my legs back and kicked as hard as i could and whatever I had felt to start with was no longer there. About ten minutes later it sounded like the box fan we had in the window was malfunctioning and being firefighters the last thing we wanted to do was set the place on fire. We all got up and turned on the lights nothing in the room was out of place so we looked through the entire house and found nothing.

The next morning we got back on the boat to leave and the lady that worked on the island asked us about our stay and we told her the story. She had a look of disbelief on her face to start with and then she said that was the reason that none of the island workers would stay in that house and that was not the first time she had heard a story just like that. To this day I want to go back to the island with more equipment and actually do some investigating but I have yet to find the time or equipment so if anybody out there could help me out I would greatly appreciate it. I stand behind my story a hundred percent and so would my entire family. Someone out there has to have a similar story and I would love to hear it.

GA Firefighter, GA, USA
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