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Dad Is That You?

January 2003

I must tell you the background to this story first.

My father (who is now dead 19 years) built an extension at the back of our house before he passed away from cancer. Well he started to build it but got sick and couldn't really finish it properly. As a result it was built but not as it should have been.

Now for my experiences.......

It all started to happen about 4 or 5 months ago when me and my sister went to America and on our return my brothers had taken the extension down to build a new bigger and better one for the purpose of a new bathroom and extended kitchen. We were delighted even though the house was in a bit of a mess, (I tried not to complain)!!!!!

When the extension was finished it looked lovely and we were all delighted. A few weeks later I was getting up to get ready for work and I walked through the kitchen in to the new kitchen and I got a feeling that I was not alone! Me being open minded about feelings like that, thought nothing and went off to work. This feeling happened for the rest of the week and the week after. At this stage I was more interested in who it was, than why it was happening. One particular morning I got up, the same routine, to get ready for work. I walked down stairs and as I entered the sitting room I got that feeling again, only 10 times stronger. I walked through the kitchen with the feeling that someone was there and had their eyes on me watching my every move. Straight away I felt that it was my father and was more worried for him than myself. I started feeling uneasy in the morning times when I got up more and more. I was started to feel afraid, and I didn't want to because by then I was convinced that it was my father and knew he would never harm me or want to frighten me.

I was still confused and a little upset as to why this was happening. So I went to work one day and eventually told my colleagues what was happening at home. One of them said to me, your dad might need a prayer. When I got home that evening and went to bed, I did exactly that, prayed to and for my dad who had passed away years before. After that the feelings I once got were gone.

I felt much better about being in the house then, and I am now convinced it was my dad coming back to see the new part of the house, that he could not finish, and maybe let us know how proud he was.

These feelings come back every now and then and when they do I just pray to my dad and tell him I love him dearly and always will.

Thank you for reading.

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