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Charleston, S C, USA
September 1999

When I was a young girl, my father and I planted a sycamore tree in the center of our front yard. Years go by and the tree gets huge. So did my love for "Daddy" I grew up and had a family of my own, but always stayed very close to my parents.

My father decided to move away to a nearby city after he retired. I was crushed but one thing made it better. He decided to sell the house to my husband and me. "Daddy" was such a kind man and I missed him a lot. I always felt close to him in the house where I grew up. Years after they moved, my Daddy passed away unexpectedly. I can't begin to tell you how it affected me. Months and months later after crying myself to sleep every night and beginning to think I needed a therapist, I got out of my bed at about three in the morning and sat on the front porch as my daddy used to do when he couldn't sleep. As I sat there crying on this very still night, not a breeze was blowing, I began to speak to my dad. I explained how sad I was and I needed his help to get on with my life. All of a sudden the sycamore tree we had planted together began to sway and twist as if we were in a hurricane or something. and as I looked around every other tree in the neighborhood sat as still as ever. I looked back at the tree as it stopped moving and sat as if in peace. I never believed in spirits before, but after that night I never cried over my daddy again. I knew he was at peace, and he had given me back my life.

Charleston, S C, USA
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