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Daddy's Friend

NSW, Australia
August 2002

This happened to my older sister in 1994 who was 13 yrs old then.

We use to live in Auckland, New Zealand. Back then we lived in a dead end road which had a sharp turn into the main road.

Every day my dads best friend would come over and play pool, but one night after he played pool like he always had, he left to go home. By the time he left it was about 11:30pm.

My sister, who's bedroom was at the front of our house which faced the road, woke up to a sound of a car skidding around the front of our house, and she went to look out the window. She saw a car with no wheels and was smashed badly. The car stopped and a man stepped out of the car and came up close to her window and asked if my Dad was awake? She could not see his face because it was too dark. When he asked if my dad was awake she said "no he is not here he had to go somewhere". The man then asked her who was she home with and she told him that she was home with my mum and brothers and sisters. The man said to my sister to tell my Dad that he had dropped by to say goodbye. The man then got back into the wheelless car that he came in and drove off.

The next morning my sister told my dad that a man had dropped by to say goodbye to him and she also told him that his car was smashed and had no wheels. My dad asked her what time did he come by, and she told him it was around twelve midnight. My dad went outside for a while and my mother told my sister that my dad's best friend had died in a car accident at the sharp turn on our road last night.

NSW, Australia
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