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Daddy's Ghost Well story

Elizabeth, TN, USA
February 2007

In the 1960's, way before I was born, my parents rented a house in North Georgia. It was an old creepy house, but the fact that there was an old well in the front yard made it scarier.

My grandparents came up for a visit during the holidays, as well as my 2 uncles and their wives. My Daddy, being a descent man, gave his parents the bedroom and camped out in the livingroom with everyone else. It was about 12:15 am, and Grandpa suddenly woke from a dead sleep. The lights of the car had started to flash on and off. The car had been parked in front of the old well. All the men gathered together and found weapons. They went out to investigate. When they got to the car, the flashing of the lights had stopped. There were no tracks in the snow, and the car had been locked. After looking around for over an hour, they decided that the culprit was long gone, so they gave up and went inside.

When all were settled in bed once again, it started again, this time with the radio going. It lasted for a few minutes. Every light in the house had been turned on, and everything stopped. The next day, Daddy went to the store. He kinda knew the clerk, and asked him if he had heard anything about weird things happening in the area last night. The clerk said no and asked why. Daddy told him what happened. The clerk's face went as white as a sheet. He asked Daddy where they lived and Daddy told him. The man told Daddy that some years back, the man who owned that house killed his wife and children and threw them down the well, then shot himself in the head. My parents moved within a few weeks and never went back to the old house, with the old well.

My Daddy told me this story numerous times as a child, and I asked other's that had also witnessed it, and they all said the same thing.... the Well was haunted.

Elizabeth, TN, USA
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