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Daddy's Girl

Dixie Hilty, Pennsylvania, USA
February 1999

Before I begin my story, I would like to tell you a little about myself. I have always been able to see spirits especially as a child. So when this happened to me, for me to be this terrified is pretty bad.

When I was a born I was daddy's girl from day one. So when my father died at the age of 32 from numerous problems I was devastated. I was 7 years old at the time. My mother remarried that same year to a man who lived in the country. He had built his own house and was putting on an addition for my bedroom.

As soon as the room was done I was excited to be in the new room. It got my mind of my father that I missed everyday. Until that night.

Right after my mom and new dad went to sleep in their bedroom I started hearing things. A breathing sound started at the foot of my bed. The I say two red eyes coming around my bed. I hurried up and put the cover over my face. After a while I took it off my face and of course looked up. Floating above me was this black form and there was no way that any of these things were friendly. It remained for a moment then disappeared. That was it, I kept my head under the cover and after a while finally went to sleep.

Only now I began to have nightmares. I would dream that my father was coming after me with a garbage bag. Chasing me, trying to convince me it was him when I would protest. He always said the same thing and to this day I will never forget it, "Come with me, Dixie. I love you. You will feel no more pain. You wont be sad anymore. Come with daddy."

I remember telling my mom about the dreams and the evil spirit and she just looked away. Well the dreams continued for a week or longer as well as the visits from the evil spirit.

Then one night, I woke up from a deep sleep. Not having seen anything or had nightmares that night. I was instantly afraid. I knew something was there. It was Indian summer for us and still warm. Mom had opened the window to keep it cool for us at night. My bed was against the wall opposite of the window. So when I woke up I was looking directly out the window. And looking back at me was my father or what was trying to imitate my father. He had the garbage bag and was holding it up. His eyes had a faint glow to them that made them appear red like the thing that was at the end of my bed.

He smiled this evil smile then in a gravely voice said, "Come with me, Dixie. I love you. You will feel no pain. You are daddy's girl."

I was so afraid I couldn't cry. Then I remember feeling a terrified and angry and saying, "You are not my daddy. My daddy loved me. Go away." The fake daddy gave me an evil smile again, turned and walked a few steps away then disappeared.

I had many feelings after that. And many scary experiences in the woods that surrounded our home. But that one sticks with me because it offended me even as a small child. For something that evil to take advantage of the sacred love between a father and his only child who loved him so much made me angry.

I believe to this day, that if I had of gone, my mother would have probably found me suffocated the next morning.

Dixie Hilty, Pennsylvania, USA
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