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Dance With Me

Sonja Moralez, NM, USA
October 2000

In my hometown, there are a lot of ghosts. I mean, a lot. There are also, naturally, a lot of bars that are haunted by these ghosts. Recently, my boss took over a bar that had been used since the early fifties, and turned it into a teen center. I've lived my whole life with ghosts, and have learned to ignore the eerie feelings that come when they're around. But since I began working at this center, I've gotten feelings that are impossible to deny.

The first unusual happenings weren't that obvious, somebody would be in the bathroom and somebody else would start beating on their door. Then, when the kid would open the door, nobody is there, big surprise! we chalked it up to pranksters...until the tables started knocking. This happened to me personally and I tell you it wasn't fake. I was beating a pattern on the table and from under it came the sounds of somebody hitting back the same beat! In the back room, there are storage rooms that used to be huge freezers. after two or three people got locked in, we stopped letting people go in alone. But even now, if you take the lock with you into the rooms, you can still manage to be locked in.
Funny, huh?....and when you dance, you can feel cold, cold hands touch your shoulders, your head, your waist...and sometimes those hands squeeze until you fall on the floor in pain!

I know that bars are bound to have history... but this is ridiculous and very scary. I'm on the verge of quitting!!!! Help me....

Sonja Moralez, NM, USA
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