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Dance With The Devil

November 2003

This story was told to me by my Grandmother. It happened when she was about forty years old.

She was at a wedding dance, newly divorced and still very attractive. She was approached by a dark-haired gentleman, very tall and attractive. She described him as looking 'like a movie star'. He walked up to her, wearing a long black overcoat, and held out his hand. She said he never spoke a word, but she was so amazed that this handsome man wanted to dance with HER, that she accepted. She said he was an incredible dancer, very strong too.

He whispered for her to come outside the dance hall with him, to his car. Luckily, my grandmother wasn't that kind of a lady. She refused, and he simply stopped in the middle of the dance floor and walked out. My grandmother was turning to go to her seat when her friend ran up to her and began pointing at the departing stranger. Below his pants, where black shoes were, there were now black hooves above red, hairy legs, and swishing underneath the rim of his jacket was a long, hairy red tail with a red tip. He turned as if he had sensed them (As he probably had) and held up a finger to his mouth, and then tipped them a wink and left.

My grandmother used this story to warn me that the devil comes in many guises, including those of an incredibly handsome and dashing man! She has never forgotten her dance with the Devil!

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