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Dancing Dolls (1)

April 2001

Growing up in the country meant being woken up anytime during the night by the crowing of neighbouring roosters. This particular night it had awoken me at around 4 a.m. I figured while I was awake now I might as well use the bathroom. Not wanting to disturb my twin sister nor my older sister who were both sharing the same room in our old farmhouse, I quietly stepped across the bedroom floor.

Being 9 years old at the time, there were many toys scattered on the floor. Watching where I was stepping ( the moon was a great night light in those days) I made it across the room until I got to a small doll that was lying there. As I looked down I saw the doll start to twitch, Nah, I thought it had to be my eyes, It couldn't have moved.

I froze at this point, keeping my eyes locked on the doll, not wanting to move but all the same wanting to step over it to get to the bathroom.

The small doll started to spin, slowly at first but then gathering momentum and spinning out of control. It seemed to twitch and spin. This couldn't be happening is what I thought.

I slowly (and freaking out all at the same time) made my way to my twin sisters bed waking her up. She wasn't too happy get up at 4 am. I told her what I was seeing. She made her way over to the dancing doll I had told her about. Much to my surprise she was seeing the same thing I was seeing.

We both knelt down to get a better look and wondered if our eyes were playing tricks on us. They weren't. The doll was going spastic, arms flailing, spinning out of control, twitching uncontrollably. We both started to cry at this point, we had never seen anything that scared us so much.

My older sister sleeping in the 3rd bed heard us both crying and saw us sitting in the moonlight in the middle of the floor. She was annoyed that we had woken her up. When she got over to us both she asked what we were doing up. We told her to look at the doll. It was still spinning, but she didn't see it.

She promptly picked up the doll, threw it in the old wooden closet and slammed the door shut. She then turned to us both and yelled " Now go back to bed!"

She never saw what we had, My twin and I both saw it dancing in the moonlight. It couldn't have been our eyes playing tricks, we both wouldn't have seen the same thing.

Ever get that freaked out feeling that takes your breath away ? I don't think I ever ran so fast to get back to my bed. With the covers pulled up over my head , I had no desire to use the bathroom now.

We never did leave that closet door open at night again. Nor did we leave our dolls laying on the floor at night!!!!

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